Access Appraisals

Highway access appraisals can be essential documents that help to evaluate the accessibility of properties and land developments to the highway system. These appraisals can play a critical role in determining the value of properties and / or potential developments, as well as highlighting possible issues which could arise with a formal planning application. They are used by developers and investors (and many more people)  to assess the feasibility of a proposed development project, as well as by Local Authorities to guide planning decisions (assessing such things like vehicular visibility, sustainable mode accessibility and safety. They can often form part of an informal highway review for interested parties when assessing the viability of land.

The primary purpose of a highway access appraisal is to assess the degree of access that a development has to the surrounding highway system. This includes the number of accesses possible and their achievability, which in turn can have a significant impact on the amount of development that could be delivered, as well as the type of land use which could be accommodated. This being that not every access type / junction is suitable for every type of vehicle.

One of the key benefits of a highway access appraisal is that they can help to identify potential limitations or challenges. For example, if a piece of land has limited access to the highway, it may be difficult to convince certain Local Authorities of the lands deliverability. Appraisals can also identify potential safety concerns or issues with traffic flow.

These appraisals are critical tools that help to guide decision-making on developments and the land-use planning process. They provide valuable information about accessibility and the potential uses that may be feasible.

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