Development Control Support

Highway development control is a crucial aspect of the planning process, as it ensures that new developments do not adversely affect the road network’s safety, efficiency, and capacity. The control process involves a range of activities, such as assessing the impact of new developments on the surrounding highways, identifying potential risks, and developing mitigation strategies. Highway development control is typically overseen by local authorities, who are responsible for enforcing the relevant regulations and policies.

Fastnet specialises in providing developers (or anyone who needs it) with comprehensive highway development control advice or services. The firm has a team of experienced professionals who are skilled in various aspects of highway development control, including traffic modeling and capacity analysis. The team have a proven track record of working on ‘both sides of the fence’, with both extensive local authority and private consultancy experience.

By engaging with Fastnet, developers can benefit from a range of services.. Firstly, the firm can assist developers in navigating the complex regulatory framework surrounding highway development control. This includes identifying relevant policies and guidelines, assessing the potential impact of new developments on the surrounding highways, and developing mitigation strategies to minimise risks. Secondly, Fastnet can provide developers with technical expertise in traffic modeling, capacity analysis, and environmental impact assessment, helping them to design developments that are safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

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