Traffic Impact Assessments

Junction capacity assessments are an essential aspect of highway development control, as they ensure that junctions are designed and constructed to handle the traffic demand effectively. Junctions are a critical part of the road network and it is important to ensure that they operate efficiently to avoid congestion, delay, and that they operate safely. Fastnet can assess junction capacity, providing developers with detailed insights into how the junctions will perform under different traffic conditions and identify any potential issues.

We can help developers by designing junctions that are safe and efficient. By assessing the traffic flows, the potential bottlenecks, conflicts, and safety risks can be identified and mitigation strategies can be developed to address these issues. This can help to reduce accidents, congestion, and delays, making the junctions more user-friendly and accessible.

Another important aspect of these assessments is that Fastnet can use this information to optimise the use of road space and reduce the need for costly road widening schemes. By accurately assessing the capacity of the junctions, we can identify the most effective design solutions that make the best use of the available road space. This can help to reduce costs, minimise the impact on the environment, and ensure that the junctions operate efficiently under different traffic conditions.

Junction capacity assessments are essential in ensuring compliance with regulations and policies. Local authorities have a duty to enforce regulations and policies related to road safety and efficiency, and the assessments offered by Fastnet are an essential part of this process. By engaging with Fastnet, developers can ensure that their projects comply with the relevant regulations and policies, reducing the risk of delays or rejection of planning applications.

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