Parking beat survey in a terraced street

Parking Surveys

Fastnet are able to provide parking beat surveys, and technical analysis of the results to meet your requirements.

Highways Authorities are increasingly requesting an assessment of the ability of the local highway network to cope with the parking demand generated by proposed developments. We can provide the data and analysis you need in order to satisfy the Highway Authority and allow your development to proceed.

Fastnet can survey the surrounding area to take either a snapshot, or time series, of the parking demand according the requirements of the Local Highway Authority. By doing this, we can build up a complete picture of the available parking capacity near to your development. The results can often result in reduced demand for on site parking, leading to reduced costs or increased development potential.

Fastnet are able to meet the specific requirements of the Lambeth Methodology for Parking Beat Surveys to meet the demands of many London Boroughs and other authorities across the UK. By only using experienced enumerators we can ensure that we accurately record the vehicles throughout the prescribed area, to allow us to comprehensively assess the available roadspace, thus ensuring the best possible chance for success of your scheme.

If you need help with a parking survey or any other transport related advice, please contact us.