Transport Statements

A Transport Statement is a document that outlines the transportation impacts of a proposed development and provides information about how those impacts will be mitigated. It should include an assessment of the development’s impact on the local road network, public transport, cycling, and pedestrian access.

A Transport Statement should also provide details on how the proposed development will be accessed, including information on any changes to the current road layout and parking arrangements, such as the number of spaces available and how they will be managed.

In addition to the above, the statement should also include information about the proposed public transport provision, including details of any new bus or rail services that will be provided as a result of the development.

It is important to note that a Transport Statement is not a requirement for all planning applications, but it may be required for larger or more complex developments. Local authorities have the discretion to require a Transport Statement or not.

In order to prepare a Transport Statement, it is important to work closely with the local authority and other relevant stakeholders, such as transport operators and the local community. This will ensure that the statement is comprehensive and addresses all relevant transportation issues.

Overall, a Transport Statement is an important aspect of planning applications in providing information to local authorities about the highway impacts of a development. This allows the local authority to make informed decisions about the viability of a proposal.

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